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2021 Late Harvest Chardonnay

2021 Late Harvest Chardonnay

375 mL

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Deep within the foundation story of Levendi Winery, we believe that the natural world around us is full of wonders and excitement. Brimming with aromas of apricot and nectarine, a heart of honey and cream, and a finish of bright natural acidity this wine is naturally picture perfect. This Late Harvest Chardonnay is our favorite wine to use for toasting to a good life! This wine is a 375 mL bottle of wine.

Levendi’s Chardonnay program centers around our Napa Valley Estate Vineyards. Our style is fruit-forward with tropical tones. Our Late Harvest is paired with glorious honey aroma, with notes with apricot and nectarine flavors. 2021 is one of those rare harvests with textbook perfect weather conditions that created spectacular wines. The wine aged in the coolest part of our cellar until bottling in July 2022.

Wine Specs
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Tasting Notes
This wine boasts a glorious honey aroma that immediately catches your attention. On the palate, flavors of apricot and nectarine emerge mid-palate, offering a delightful combination of sweetness and tanginess. The wine's stunning creamy texture and bright acidity further enhance the overall experience. The refined finish is perfectly balanced, with just the right amount of acidity to pair beautifully with carefully selected desserts.
2021 Late Harvest Chardonnay
Food Pairing Notes
Indulge in a classic dessert pairing with our 2021 Late Harvest Chardonnay by enjoying a slice of warm apple pie with a slice of Stilton cheese. Our Chardonnay's soft, candied tropical fruit aromas and racy acidity perfectly complement the sweet, warm flavors of the pie, while its lemony finish cuts through the richness of the cheese. This pairing creates a delightful balance of flavors on your palate, making it the perfect way to end any meal. Treat yourself to this classic pairing and experience the decadence of our Late Harvest Chardonnay.
2021 Late Harvest Chardonnay

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