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2020 Symphonia Red Blend 1.5L

2020 Symphonia Red Blend 1.5L

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A lush, juicy, and delicious example of New World fruit balanced with Old World savory elements.


Levendi's Symphonia Red Blend is a wine that showcases bold, fruit-forward flavors and softer, more approachable tones of bright berry and cranberry. The Merlot blocks in Levendi's red blend were particularly successful, comprising 60% of the blend, with the Petit Verdot contributing atypical mid-palate softness and finishing strength at 14%. The blend is completed with 18% Cabernet Sauvignon and 8% Malbec.

Wine Specs
Red Blend
Alcohol %
Tasting Notes
Levendi's 2020 Symphonia Red Blend is an alluring wine with bright berry and deep cherry aromas, evolving into mid-palate soft blackberry textures and lively cranberry notes. The finish is moderately long, resulting in a plush, lush, and fruitful Napa Valley blend that perfectly captures the winemaker's vision.
2020 Symphonia Red Blend 1.5L
Food Pairing Notes
Experience a symphony of flavors with the perfect pairing of lasagna Bolognese with b├ęchamel sauce and our 2020 Symphonia Red Blend. Our velvety Red blend perfectly marries with the spices, herbs, and tomato sauce of the lasagna, creating a magical harmony of flavors on your palate. The smooth texture of the wine perfectly balances the richness of the dish, while its bold flavors complement the savory tomato sauce. This pairing is perfect for a cozy night in or a dinner party with friends, and is sure to leave a lasting impression.
2020 Symphonia Red Blend 1.5L

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